A pool installation professional installing a pool skimmer into the side of a pool

At NC Pool Company, we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool when shopping around for a new pool installation & service. That’s why we have an easy, ground-up construction overview. Before starting your project planning, do some research!  Investigating in-ground fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, and concrete pools will cover the three main types of in-ground pool options. Depending on your area, and level of customization, one of these three choices should fit your needs!

We want to prevent any unknowns.  Through the use of digital design we strive to shows you your finished pool or spa installed on top of your property using 2D layouts and 3D renderings of the project.  This tool is indispensable when it comes to visualizing your end product!

A hand drawn pool design draft of a square pool with a wooden deck

Design & Layout

Overlaying pool selections with your current site plan and using that design and layout for permitting.

Excavation & Install

Transporting, digging, scheduling crane services, and pre-dig inspections. All crucial parts to make sure our project goes to plan!

The Luxe 30 pool with Exuma Silver gelcoat made by Aviva Pools with a mosaic grid pattern concrete patio and walkway and white house in the foreground

Decking & Hardscaping

Pavers, concrete, turf, or travertine. All perfect finishes to an outdoor oasis. We also make sure that your pool is perfectly grounded!

A picture of poolside landscaping and a black metal pool regulation fence

Fencing & Cleanup

International Building Code (IBC) requires very specific fencing regulations to be followed depending on your location and construction. We have you covered!

Someone cleaning a swimming pool

FIrst Start-Up & Servicing

Get your pool and spa up and running so that you may enjoy it! Ask us about our monthly servicing Plans!