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NC Pool Company was created around a team of dedicated professionals who believe that the pool construction industry can be improved to provide a better experience for the client. We don’t want to blend in with other NC pool companies, our goal is to stand above the rest and be known as THE NC Pool Company. Our mission is to bring improved processes and modern solutions to an outdated industry so that more people can experience the joy and memories of pool ownership. We don’t believe that pools are only for the elite class. NC Pool Company is dedicated to bringing affordable options to market that fit every budget.

The social and economic changes in our country, and the lifestyles that change with it, have helped us recognize that family and friends are more important now than ever. And with the increasingly demanding workload of the American lifestyle, we know how hard it can be to set time aside for fun and activities with the family or relaxation time to decompress from the world.  This is why we believe that having an in-ground swimming pool is the perfect solution. It puts the convivence in your backyard and saves you valuable time otherwise spent packing, unpacking and traveling to and from the beach or a public pool.  Plus, it’s open 24-7, has no guest limitations, and no fees for parking!

And for naysayers, a pool is so much more than just “a hole in the ground filled with water”. From hosting neighborhood get-togethers, yearly family gatherings, family and friend birthday parties, or simple and personal relaxation time, pools offer so much versatility.  But if you’ve already read this far, then you already know the benefits. So join us on this journey and let NC Pool Company be your solution for creating your very own backyard destination for you to enjoy with family and friends. 



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Tailored Project Design

Our designers work with you to design a project that best fits your needs and budget.

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Complete Project Management

Our team is equipped to handle the entire scope of your outdoor oasis build.

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Quality Materials and Experienced Team Members

We use the best materials available to us and have proven systems and teams in place.

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Service Specialists

Our service team is here to help take the work out of pool maintenance.


Headshot of NC Pool Company Owner and Founder, Charley Holtzclaw

Charley Holtzclaw

Owner & Founder

Headshot of NC Pool Company Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kent Jr.

Robert Kent Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of NC Pool Company Plans and Design Engineer, Chad Eichelberger

Chad Eichelberger

Plans & Design Engineer

Headshot of NC Pool Company Director of Sales, Daniel Ledford

Daniel Ledford

Director of Sales

Headshot of NC Pool Company Director of Production, Hutch Hutchins

Hutch Huchins

Director of Production

Headshot of NC Pool Company NC Service Specialist, Stephan Jones

Stephan Jones

NC Service Specialist


Wonin Lowis
Wonin Lowis
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Very happy with the work I had done by NC Pool Company. Charley and his team were very professional and delivered what was expected. Overall, I would highly recommend!
Beth McCorkle
Beth McCorkle
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NC Pool company is one of the most professional, caring, efficient & technologically advanced contractors we've ever hired. Your capable crews have replaced damaged properties from Hurricane Florence in such a timely and safe manner that you have left a lasting impression especially since we've had NO complaints from homeowners throughout the entire process. Kudos to you Adler and thank you for making my job as board President a little easier. We will definitely use your services in the future.
Jonathan Jessup
Jonathan Jessup
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I am a member of a local HOA board of directors. We hired NC Pool Company to assist as an advocate during our post hurricane Florence insurance claim. Once the claim was settled they managed our extensive repairs. Working with a strict budget, they helped maximize the process. Their work was extremely professional, prompt, and clean. The tools they gave us to track the process were also extremely helpful. I highly recommend Adler for any work that you may consider them for.


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